Physical pain is a cruel adversary that doesn’t like to play fair. It seems to pick and choose its victims, meting out its punishment on a seemingly random basis. While the person to your left might be perfectly healthy through almost no effort, the person to your right might suffer from a variety of chronic pain conditions, sometimes for no reason at all. It’s not fair, and it wouldn’t be hard to blame them for being a pessimist.

However, pain doesn’t have to define us. We have the ability to make a choice—to give in and to suffer, or to stay positive, even if our situation isn’t fair. At Aspire Rehab, our mission is to help relieve the pain of others. But there are things that you can do on your own to combat the mental pain that unhappiness brings.

Eat Healthy and Sleep Well

When it comes to almost every single mental and physical condition, these two things are often an answer for relief. It simply cannot be understated how important a good diet and sleep schedule is for your body—the need to eat and sleep is biologically programmed into us, and it’s amazing to see how many people think that you can just ignore these needs and be just as well off. A healthy diet can ease the way that your brain perceives pain, and sleeping well properly recharges both your body and your mind; you need all the power you can get when you’re in pain.

Redirect Your Attention to Other Things

A good way to deal with pain is to try to take your mind off of it. Pain will invariably be worse if you spend all of your time dwelling on it. Now, this is not to be mistaken with coping mechanisms such as alcohol or illegal drug use; instead of trying to run away from your pain, you should try to focus your attention elsewhere that’s sustainable. Invest in hobbies, listen to music, read books—anything that can hold your attention for long periods of time.

Laugh, and then Laugh Some More

Laughter is not only consciously satisfying, it helps your body on a physical level too. When you laugh, your body releases endorphins, which naturally ease your pain levels. Whether it’s through reading jokes, being in good company with friends, or watching cat videos on Youtube, life is too short not to laugh.

Build a Support Network

The power of positivity can’t be understated when it’s shared among a group. Having a support network is a major component in all kinds of programs that seek to help people overcome their biggest struggles. This is not a coincidence—facing a problem alone is always harder than confronting it with people who love and care for you. Furthermore, loneliness can be a dangerous conduit to unhealthy forms of medication. Seek out people who love and support you; it makes everything so much better.

Get the Professional Treatment That’s Needed For Your Condition

Of the things on this list, actually tending to your pain with treatment would seem like simple logic—so much of a given that it’s redundant to even include it here. However, you’d be surprised to find just how many people don’t resort to professional treatment. It might be because of finances. It might be because they think they don’t need it. It might be because they are apathetic. But the bottom line is that there’s no excuse to skip professional treatment; pain is the body’s way of telling you “something is wrong,” and it shouldn’t be ignored, especially if it’s recurring.

Helping people through their pain is what we do at Aspire Rehab Topeka. Our physical therapy services are aimed at helping you to cope, both physically and mentally, with your pain, and to improve your quality of life. Don’t let pain rob you of unhappiness; that’s something that nobody deserves, and we want to help you through it. Please contact us to find out if your pain can be treated with physical therapy.