Spinal decompression therapy is a safe, alternative treatment designed to help relieve referred pain in your neck and back, such as sciatica, as well as disc bulges, herniations, protrusions, and spinal stenosis.  Clinical studies of non-surgical spinal decompression therapy report that a high percentage of patients show significant reduction of pain. Thousands of people across the country are enjoying the benefits of spinal decompression therapy. We are eager to help you learn more about this natural, non-invasive treatment, and to determine if you are a candidate for this therapy.  Call Aspire Rehab today at 785-271-7246 to arrange a free consultation with our chiropractor in Topeka.

Spinal decompression therapy is a safe and effective treatment for neck and back pain without the risks associated with surgery, anesthesia, infection, injections, or prescription medication. As you can imagine, decompression therapy is rapidly gaining popularity due to its exceptional results treating chronic back and neck pain without surgery.

Simply described, this method of treatment uses a therapeutic table that is connected to a computer, to electronically stretch and decompress your spinal structures using traction. You rest on the table while a padded harness focuses a gentle force along your spinal column. This decompresses your spine — specifically the intervertebral discs — while at the same time stretching the muscles along your spine. This method effectively relieves tension and tightness from your back muscles and connective tissues, which releases pressure off of the spine and spinal nerves, therefore, improving nerve function and relieving pain.

Am I a candidate?

Prior to beginning treatments, we evaluate you to determine if you are a candidate. Your medical history, x-rays, and CT/MRI scans are carefully reviewed. If you are a candidate for decompression therapy, we will create a personalized treatment plan unique to your individual health needs and goals. A typical plan may include as few as 10 treatments or up to 30 treatments. To achieve optimal results, it is important to complete your treatment plan — and thus the full healing process — even if you start to feel improvement early on. It is not uncommon to experience a significant reduction in pain early in your treatments.

Possible Benefits of Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression

  • Safely alleviates chronic pain.  
  • Reduces muscle spasms, inflammation, tension, and tightness.
  • Improves nerve function.
  • Encourages better circulation and blood flow.
  • Enhances movement, mobility, and range of motion.
  • Reduces associated symptoms of pain such as numbness, tingling, and muscle weakness.
  • Reduces pain symptoms as the result of injuries, health conditions, illnesses, aging, stress, and anxiety.
  • Fewer side effects than other pain relief options such as surgery and prescription medication.
  • No downtime or recovery time.
  • Non-invasive pain relief treatment.
  • Cost-effective when compared to costly surgeries.

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If you are ready to get out of pain and back to doing the things you love, call Aspire Rehab to schedule a consultation for spinal decompression therapy to find out if you are a candidate. Our chiropractor in Topeka is here to optimize your health so you can feel better.