Physical therapy can feel like a saving grace as well as a nightmare depending on your injury, the stage of recovery, and the therapy itself. Especially when you are in pain, it’s easy to wonder what the point of physical therapy actually is. If you have recently suffered an injury or still feel the effects of one from the past, here are some reasons for investing in physical therapy in Topeka.

Reduce Pain

Investing in physical therapy can help reduce and, in many cases, eliminate pain experienced in joints and soft tissue. Often physical therapy has been stereotyped for inducing more pain, but physical therapy really does reduce pain and can significantly speed up recovery. Working sensitive tissue or joints can be painful at first, and you may experience some soreness, but after this initial discomfort, pain is usually significantly reduced. Physical therapy decreases healing time which inherently reduces pain.

Avoid Surgery

Often, if you invest in physical therapy, you can avoid surgery altogether! It can be easy to assume that immediate, invasive procedures would speed up the recovery process, but this is simply not so. Invasive surgeries normally require even more recovery time plus physical therapy and can come with a substantial price tag. Physical therapy, on the other hand, can help you heal without the price tag of surgery and without the trauma to your body that surgery causes; it can get you back on your feet faster. Also, if you still need to opt for surgery, beginning physical therapy before may cause a more successful, less intensive surgery, and may give a shorter recovery time afterwards.

Improve Mobility

Physical therapy is not just for those who have an injury; physical therapy can help increase your mobility and your ability to stand, walk, and move at a greater pace or for a longer amount of time. Physical therapy explained at it’s most basic is essentially stretching and strength-building movements. Muscles and joints need to be worked to function at their best, remove stiffness, and improve flexibility. Patients who undergo physical therapy often eliminate or reduce their need for and their reliance on canes, crutches, walkers, and other mobility assistance devices.

Stroke Recovery

A stroke can affect the body on a catastrophic level; movement can be incredibly difficult after such an event. Physical therapy can improve balance and everyday abilities such as walking and use of the arm and facial muscles. At the very least, physical therapy can help one who has suffered a stroke become more or completely independent and increase their potential for living the life that they had before a stroke.  

Prevent Sports Injury

Physical therapy can not only help athletes heal from injuries, but can also prevent them altogether. As we’ve mentioned before, muscles that are worked for flexibility and strengthened are less likely in incur an injury. Athletes can lessen their risk for injury when they include physical therapy in their training regimen.

Physical therapy has many benefits. To learn more, stay tuned for part 2 of our blog series and be sure to contact Aspire Rehab in Topeka for any questions you have about how physical therapy can help you!

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